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Transaction Insights provides exclusive access to restaurant-level sales performance, customer traffic, market share and cross-brand behavior based on individual guest check totals. This is what you’ve been waiting for—forecast trends, target new customers and add value to your business like never before.

Coming in Q4 2018, Transaction Insights will be enhanced by GroundTruth. Using its 3 million mapped business locations and 75 million mobile devices, Technomic’s traffic intelligence will more closely report on foodservice visits at the daypart level and allow the company to leverage location data into comparable store performance modeling.

Now arriving: a clear path to success.


Track individual brand sales, traffic and market share trends with near-real time reporting.

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Data is drawn from a longitudinal panel of 3 million consumers each month, representing more than 18 million monthly foodservice visits.

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Our large sample size allows you the ability to drill down to the city level with various market views available.


Your business decisions will be backed by statistically significant data, crafted by a company with decades of foodservice expertise.

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Coming soon! Transaction Insights will be available to all subscribers on our sleek interactive interface, Ignite.

How is Transaction Insights used?


  • Help your operator partners understand their competitive position in the marketplace.
  • Identify how your customers are performing so you can anticipate shifts in your own business performance.
  • Pinpoint the leading third-party delivery services in each market and how much share they have.
  • Increase your case volume by aligning with growth brands and segments.
  • Nero CIABATTA Dara P Grunland CE0515 35 Donna Accelerate business through cross-promotional opportunities that are targeted at the right consumers.


  • Benchmark your performance against specific competitors, nationally and across markets.
  • Identify to whom you may be losing market share and by how much.
  • Pinpoint the leading third-party delivery services in each market and how much share they have.
  • Diagnose the cause of underperformance, whether it’s a brand issue, a category issue or a market issue.
  • Understand market dynamics and the competitive landscape when entering or expanding within a market.

Comprehensive, Transparent Reporting

Data featured above is sample data.

Syndicated Monthly Reporting
Each of the Top 200 chains focused on market share, historic and projected sales and traffic performance, change in average transaction size and other useful statistics.

*Each custom view consists of one brand within one market with the ability to customize.

Looking to answer a specific question? Don’t worry, our team of analysts are flexible. Request an ad-hoc project today.

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syndicated reports per year

chains and 10 DMAs

monthly exhibits displaying market share (nationally & regionally), year-over-year sales and traffic performance, change in average transaction and more

Start tracking chains like never before.
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