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Garage Door Broken Spring Repair

Garage Door Broken Spring Repair

As a homeowner you know that there are always some kinds of repairs to be made to your house or property. One of the most difficult chores can be having a problem with the garage door. Garage doors have so many different mechanical details and you might have a problem discovering what the trouble is. The least of your problems can be if discover that you have a spring which needs to be aligned or replaced. This is a lot less expensive than having to replace a whole garage door. There are different ways to test springs to determine what the trouble is. If you are unsure of the problem you might wish to consult with a Garage Door Repair specialist.

There are two kinds of springs: extension springs and torque springs. Torsion springs are usually located on top the garage door and they work by turning so you can raise the door up. Keep in mind that torsion springs are under extreme torque and it can be dangerous when replacing them. As the garage door goes down they extend. What happens is that if a torsion spring breaks while the garage door is opening, gravity will take over and the door will come crashing down. Extension springs are located below the door and make sure that the garage door opens and closes correctly. They are placed on either side of the garage door and can be long and coiled. Extension springs can cause injury during replacement so you have to be careful.

Lots of residential have standard torsion springs which get mounted just above the opening of the door and are supported by a shaft which runs through the centre of the springs. For lighter garage doors there is one spring and for heavier there are two springs of course all depending on the size of the door. Keep in mind that easy set torsion springs are alike to the standard torsion springs. The difference between them is the hardware which is used to install the easy set springs. When it comes to having them replaced easy set torsion springs get mounted on each end of the torsion shaft right next to the cable drums.

Changing either of the springs can be difficult but if you learn how to do it carefully you can save yourself time and money. So first learn how you can do it and then decide if you are up to the challenge. You can ask around friends and neighbours to see if anyone has replaced their garage springs. Other than that you can consult with Garage Door Repair specialists for advice and then decide what you want to do. Trying to make repairs on your own and forcing things can only wind up causing more damage and you can wind up having to replace your whole garage door.